glass screen protector Defense Glass hovering over an iPhone 11, clear tempered glass
clear tempered glass installed on top of a black iphone 11, clear tempered glass
Installation tool included with the defense glass is red plastic that runs the perimeter of an iphone 11 to help guide installation
defense glass is placed within the installation tool on top of a black iphone 11, showing how defense glass is installed

iPhone 11 Screen Protector Raptic Glass

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  • Ultra hard 9H Japanese glass, 0.50mm thin
  • Included are wet and dry wipes to clean screen prior to install
  • Protects from scratches and cracks
  • Free Shipping on All Orders
  • 30 Days Hassle-Free Returns
Ultra-hard 9H tempered glass designed to protect your iPhone screen from scratches, impacts, and screen shattering. Ultra-thin tempered glass at 0.33mm provides a clear thin protective layer with accurate touch sensing and no interference with selfie camera or any iPhone 11 sensors. Comes with easy-to-use installation tool, that guides the Raptic Glass screen protector to align perfectly with your iPhone 11 screen. Wet swab and microfiber cloth are also included to remove existing smudges, dirt and fingerprints. Made from premium quality Japanese Glass, this screen protector offers maximum coverage and ultra-clear transparency while protecting your screen at the same time. Comes with a recyclable applicator.

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