White Defense Vertical showing front panel that shows off the white leather pad and the silver aluminum frame
The white defense vertical facing forward with an iPhone charging on the stand. You can see the grey silver aluminum frame on the outside.
the white defense vertical facing forward with an iPhone charging on the wireless charging pad in landscape mode.
A picture showing all the electronic layers inside the defense vertical to show the coil mechanism that is the qi wireless charging.
The white defense vertical facing sideways so you can see the slim profile of the charging station.
A lifestyle photo of a man placing an iPhone with the defense shield case on top of the defense vertical in white next to a computer.

Wireless Charger Raptic Vertical White

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  • Compatible with all Qi capable devices
  • Provides up to 10W for the fastest possible wireless charge
  • Includes everything you need, including USB-C cable and QC 3.0 Power Supply
  • Free Shipping on all orders
  • 30 Days Hassle-Free Returns
Raptic Vertical Charger is a standing wireless Qi charging station, beautifully designed to keep your phone charged while blending with your home or office decor. Like all Raptic products, we start with a solid block of aluminum to form the frame of the Wireless Charger. Then we add a sleek base, accented by a padded leather backing to form the perfect place to quickly set down and recharge your phone. The white LED indicates Raptic Vertical is powered and charging and is tuned for the perfect brightness at night. Raptic Vertical provides high speed charging, up to 10W, wirelessly. The Vertical Qi charger also allows you to charge either horizontally or vertically and is case compatible. Raptic Vertical is compatible with all Qi capable phones, including but not limited to most iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and Note phones, and more.

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